IT monitoring platform

Predisposta per fornire una visibilità globale dei flussi di lavoro complessi
dell’IT dal Cloud all’Edge

Centreon, Artesys Orion | Società di consulenza IT | Software Distribution
Centreon, Artesys Orion | Società di consulenza IT | Software Distribution

What is Centreon?

As Distributor of Centreon Solutions in Italy, Artesys Orion is specialised in supporting companies in their implementation of IT monitoring systems that provide a full view of infrastructures from a single platform.

Benefits and Functions

Global visibility
Centreon monitors the entire IT infrastructure from Cloud to Edge, to provide a clear, comprehensive overview.
  • No blind spot
  • Constantly updated
  • Accurate monitoring
  • SAAS
Future-Ready Platform
The unique architecture distributed by Centreon associates Cloud power with an open, flexible, on-premises platform that is AIOps ready.
  • Cloud Augmented
  • Open and flexible
  • Distributed and scalable
  • AIOps ready
Monitoring focused on company activity
Centreon promotes excellence in company performance, aligning IT operations with company goals.
  • Service mapping
  • Customised dashboards
  • Graphs
  • Analyses and reports

Centreon Editions

Centreon solutions are available in the following versions to fully adapt to your specific needs:

IT Edition
Created to centralise all monitoring and orchestration operations in one solution.
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Business Edition
For all companies that require full mapping of their IT infrastructures and detailed reports for company management.
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MSP Edition
For companies that offer remotely managed IT infrastructure monitoring services. Artesys Orion is the exclusive dealer for this edition in Italy.
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IT Edition Business Edition MSP Edition
All-in-one Virtual Appliacce
Role-Based Access Control
Scalable & HA
Distributed Monitoring & Operations
Seamless Integrations
Open-Source flexibility
Holistic Visibility, from Cloud-to-Edge
Unmatched monitoring scope
Efficient Event Management, Desktop + Mobile
Automatic Discovery Engine
Ready-to-monitor configuration templates
Enterprise Pligin-Packs: get started in minutes
Custom Dashboards
AI-powered Anomaly Detection (Beta)
Business-Aware IT Monitoring
Service Mapping
Extensive Top-Down Views
Cockpit Views
Extended Custom Dashboard
Graphical Views
Geographical Views
Analytics & Reports
Service Level Agreements KPIs
Capacity Plannig

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